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Super Pastel Desert Ghost

Super Pastel Desert Ghost - Hatchling Male

Morph Type: Designer Morph, Simple Recessive + Co-Dominant Super
First Produced:
Mark & Kim Bell, 2011
Other Names:

To me the Desert Ghost and the Pastel genes simply belong together.  The pastel is one of the most popular, and as a result of that the most common, co-dominant mutations in the ball python world.  The Desert Ghost gene takes everything we like about the Pastel mutation and perfects it.  That combined with the fact that I already have Desrt Ghosts, when I was offered this male in the summer of 2011, it wasn't even something I had to consider - I said yes immediately.  This male is one of only a couple Super Pastel Desert Ghosts that I know to exist and he is a very valuable addition to my collection.  Look forward to seeing this guy sire a lot of awesome babies in the near future!