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Crested Gecko Collection

Phantom Pistripe - Harry bloodlineI started building my crested gecko collection a little over eight years ago by purchasing a lot of geckos.  I would travel to shows, looking for anything unusual or outstanding, and I would also buy wholesale groups of babies from larger breeders.  Back then, there simply wasn't a lot out there, so it took a lot of searching - and sometimes paying a lot of money - to acquire just a single gecko with some of the traits that are now becoming fairly common in private collections today.  

These geckos we're working with are literally living art, and the crested gecko as a species has proven to be a worthy and fairly cooperative canvas. In the past few years, I've produced things I had no idea we could ever produce, and a lot of new projects have been born as a result.

It was a little over two years since the gecko collection page was completely overhauled on my website. Since then I've produced almost ten thousand geckos, held back around 250 breeder females, and enough males to keep them all company.

The galleries below are fully functional, but I haven't added text or descriptions to a lot of the photos. Now that my new website is finally done, I definitely plan to start showing off some of those geckos that I've raised up over the past couple years, and I will also be adding descriptions to all the images in this gallery as time permits, so be sure to check back often.