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Red Blood Python Collection

Adult Breeder Red Albino Male at 4 years oldBlood pythons are just a small "hobby" really nice lineage I'm working with for my own enjoyment - as you may have guessed, I'm just trying to see how red I can get them. :-) 

When I decided a few years ago that I "needed" some really nice red bloods, I knew I wanted to start small and not end up raising a dozen or more snakes.  At the same time, I wanted nothing less than stop sign red snakes. Not knowing what to look for in babies, I ended up acquiring a stellar yearling pair that were originally produced by VPI.  A reptile zoo had purchased them to be raised as display animals.  As time went on, they realized these snakes prefer to hide - typical ambush predator behavior.  They decided this particular display unit - which cost more than the snakes themselves - was better suited to something semi arboreal, such as the carpet python.  I most definitely had what they needed, and the rest they say is history. They got a great pair of carpets for their display, and I picked up an extremely high end pair of bloods to start my project.

The male is a red albino and the female is a heterozygous red albino (normal appearing) from the same VPI lineage.  These snakes are fully grown for the most part at around 4.5 feet long.  Both snakes are very red, and everyone seems impressed when they see them in person.  Customers who've purchased their offspring tend to have the same reaction. :-)

2010 Clutch
I got my first clutch of eggs from the pair mentioned above in April of 2010. A couple months later, all fourteen eggs hatched without a hitch. Within two feeding attempts I had all of them feeding and they all began taking thawed rats and mice from tongs within a month of their first meals. Aside from being great eaters, these little bloods are super mellow. I had originally planned on keeping the entire first clutch, except for a few extra males.  I was counting on getting 8-10 eggs for a first clutch.  As it turns out, I got fourteen eggs and all of them hatched, so I've made several of these gorgeous baby bloods available for purchase in my online store. These snakes sold rather quickly, but I hope to have another clutch in the summer of 2011.