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Carpet Python Collection

Irian Jaya Carpet PythonMy fascination with the carpet python started when I saw some jungles and coastals at the KC Herp Society show in September of 1997.  I was there to buy a big cage for my Burm, and I ended up coming home with a pair of spotted pythons because I couldn't afford the carpets, and the spotteds seemed just about as exotic (I still think all the Antaresia species are cool, by the way).  Looking back, I probably should have held off and saved up for some carpets, but hey.

In 2001, after a few year break from the hobby while I did school and started a career, I was finally able to care for some snakes and there was no question what they would be - Jungles.  Well, maybe....those "new" Irian Jaya carpets were looking really interesting too.  So that's what I ended up getting first.  As it turns out, it was the lucky buy of the century - they were the original pair of Irian Jaya carpets that I used to start my entire GQ bloodline.  Ten years later, that line has become one of the most well known selectively bred bloodlines in the carpet python world.

In the ten years I've been working with carpets, I have yet to become bored.  Between the morphs and the selective breeding and the half a dozen different subspecies now on the market, I doubt I ever will get bored with these snakes.

This new collection gallery will be a work in progress.  I've posted pictures of several of my 2010 keepers here, and I plan to start re-shooting some of my keepers from 2008 and 2009 as I have time.  The 2011 season is looking pretty good so far, so stay tuned for a new 2011 breeding record soon.