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Extreme Tangerines - NEW

While we couldn't do without a variety of leopard gecko morphs, Gary and I have found a definite favorite. We're working with a few small groups of leopard geckos that display a rich reddish orange color. This rich color is the result of two things; genetics and decades of selective breeding.

History & Selective Breeding
While the Tangerine trait has become fairly common in the nearly 20 years that it's been around, there are a few select lines that have been developed that really stand out.  These pedigrees are the result of a few breeders who acquired the nicest specimens available at the time and then held back the best offspring to further refine and intensify the trait with each successive breeding season.

What is an Extreme Tangerine?
While I'm sure we'll eventually have a name for our own bloodline, the word 'extreme' isn't any sort of trade-name.  It's just an adjective to describe this project..  The big three today are the Tangerine Tornado, Hot Geckos' Tangerine and Hiss' Electric lines.  Below, I'll try to give you my take on these three lines.

Tangerine Tornado
This line, developed in Canada by The Urban Gecko, exhibits large amounts of red pigment on the head and bands, which also creeps into the lighter colored bands.  In our experience, this coloration is inherited very consistently by their offspring.

Hot Geckos Tangerine
This particular line was developed over the past 12 years by Dan Lubinsky of Hot Geckos.  This line is very different from other lines, in that they display an almost glowing, neon orange coloration. We've begun to combine this line with the Tangerine Tornado line and the results are almost too good to be true!

Hiss Electric
The Electric line was developed by Kelli Hammack of HISS.  This bloodline is similar to the Tangerine Tornado line, but they tend to have a more aberrant reddish orange pattern with a higher percentage of the lighter orange color on the body.

Is there really that much of a difference? fact, seeing photos can only tell half the story, but I'll try to explain the difference as best I can.  The gecko pictured below is a VERY nice Super Hypo Tangerine, but while it's perfectly clean and as bright as they get, it doesn't have the reddish orange color that you'll see in an Extreme Tangerine.

Standard Super Hypo Tangerine Carrot-Tail



2008 Results
Gary and I have worked hard (and spent a small fortune!) to acquire some very intense Tangerines.  Now that we've begun breeding them together, I think you'll agree this project is something to be excited about.

These geckos are going to be available on a sporadic basis throughout the year.  To see what's available now, just click the link below to view them in my online store.

2008 Extreme Tangerines  
The following are some of the first offspring from our Extreme Tangerine project.  They are pictured at around 6-8 weeks old and they are NOT specially chosen holdbacks.  This consistent quality is everything we could have hoped for with this group.

Hot Geckos Tangerine x Albeys/Hiss Outcross Hot Geckos Tangerine x Albeys/Hiss Outcross

"Texas Tornado" - Tangerine Tornado x Hiss Electric "Texas Tornado" - Tangerine Tornado x Hiss Electric

"Texas Tornado" - Tangerine Tornado x Hiss Electric "Texas Tornado" - Tangerine Tornado x Hiss Electric

"Texas Tornado" - Tangerine Tornado x Hiss Electric "Texas Tornado" - Tangerine Tornado x Hiss Electric

Tangerine Tornado x Hot Geckos Group

Tangerine Tornado x Hiss Electric Group


These next three are slightly older (around 12 weeks old) hence the carrot-tail starting to come in a little stronger.  The one on the left is one of the least intense that this group has produced this year and she's still a knockout by all standards.  The two on the right are holdback males that we'll be breeding next year.

Tornado x Electric Tornado x Electric Tornado x Hot Geckos

Albino Extreme Tangerine - Coming in 2009  

When we started working on this project, we didn't expect to have visible albinos this year, but Rocket turned out to be het for tremper albino, so we're a year ahead!  These geckos are absolutely outrageous and are getting better with each shed.  This project is in the early stages of development, but we will have a handful of hets available this year and will have a limited number of offspring available next year.

For comparison purposes, the following is actually a very promising juvenile Sunglow (Tremper Albino SHTCTB) of the same age.  This photo was taken with the exact same camera settings on the same day.  Note the drastic difference in hue and overall color intensity.


Tangerine Tornado x ACR Raptors

The Raptors above were chosen for their nearly full carrot-tails and not necessarily for the Eclipse gene...the eyes are the last thing you'll notice with geckos like these!  Because they're completely unrelated, we will breed their offspring to one another next season.  Although it's not our main priority with this group, they will produce a small percentage of Extreme Tangerine Raptors.




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