Red Harlequin Project
The Red Harlequin is the result of several years of selective breeding. When I first got into crested geckos, this project was nothing more than a neat idea and a picture in my mind's eye.

Now a reality, the Red Harlequin has continued to evolve, all the while being one of the most sought after of all crested gecko morphs on the market today.

While red geckos with a flame/harlequin pattern do pop up on occasion, the highest quality specimens are almost always produced by pure Red Harlequin pairings and the results of these pairings are far more consistent.

This project has grown into several sub-projects, in order to develop and refine certain traits that pop up randomly throughout the entire project, and also to  maintain a high level of genetic diversity without outcrossing to lower quality or non-red geckos.


This particular gecko created quite a buzz at the 2006 Tinley Park NARBC (Chicago) show.  People kept saying "That's crazy...I didn't know crested geckos could look like that."  All I could say was "Thank you...and neither did I until a few months ago."  :)




Alpha Reds
This particular breeding group got its name because they're the elite of an already amazing group of crested geckos.  These geckos possess ultra-clean color and zero dark pigment.  This group is at the forefront of development in the red harlequin project.

Almost all of the females have produced offspring in the past two years, but the male (Lava) has just entered his first breeding season and it's already evident that he has allowed me to reach a major milestone in this project.

 Female 1


 Female 2

  Female 3 (Poster Girl)



Red Harlequin Pinstripe

As the name implies, this is the group that is leading the effort to produce the elusive fully pinstriped red harlequin. This group has produced a number of awesome red 90+% pinstripes and a number of 'reddish' brown full pinstripes, but the goal here is a stop sign red full pinstripe.

With the addition of Ace (a male high percentage pinstripe 'Alpha Red' Harlequin) that just started breeding this year, I believe this will be the year we see a true red full pinstripe.

 Female 1


 Female 2


 Female 3


 Female 4


Candy Man


Red & Cream Harlequin

This group started out as an experiment to see what would happen if I bred some Red Harlequins to a bunch of pale orange Creamsicle females.  As expected, they produced a little of everything, including a small group of absolutely outrageous neon pink-red females...with cream dorsal patterns no less!

The male, 'Candy Man', comes from a similar experiment involving my Mocha & Cream male and a neon orange patternless female (no kidding...and I have a whole group of females like him coming up too!).

Needless to say, the results of this 'experiment' were far better than I expected and to be honest, these are just as bright as anything in the Alpha Red group. This is a very exciting time to be into crested geckos, to say the least.

Even though it's very early on, I've really enjoyed watching their offspring mature. A very limited number of these will most likely become available this year.

 Female 1


Female 2 - 'Candy Cane'


 Female 3 - 'OMG'




Red Extreme Harlequin

The main focus of this group is obviously a red base coat, but with at least 50% of the sides/limbs being covered by a contrasting orange harlequin pattern. The red base and 'extreme' harlequin pattern of this group has proven to be very consistent.


 Female 1


 Female 2


Female 3 (still growing)



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