Phantom Pinstripe Project
Although not the craziest project in my collection, this is more or less a 'fun' project that I've become more and more enamored with over the past couple years.

In 2005, I unknowingly stumbled onto a gene being carried by a couple of my breeder Black & Cream Pinstripes, which essentially eliminates the pattern and leaves the raised pinstripe scales and traces of lateral striping.  During the 2005/2006 seasons, I produced about 12 hatchlings from six different females that displayed what looks like a muted pinstripe pattern, but without the usual flame pattern and cream coloration on the raised 'pinstripe' scales.

In the past, I had bred Stripes into some red geckos (starting my red Harley project) and also to my original Tangerine Pinstripe female.  In addition to the usual lavender-grey and chocolate, I even hatched a few Phantoms from my Tangerine line and one from my Red Harlequin Pinstripe line.

I sold several of the darker colored Phantoms as 'Patternless Pinstripes' and several Red Phantoms as patternless reds, but I kept one red one, all the Tangerines and the best two darker ones. 

I now have two generations worth of Phantom Pins produced by at least 10 different geckos...and that's not counting the ones being produced from my Tangerine Pinstripe and Red Harlequin groups.

Most of these geckos are still young, but they're showing a ton of potential.  Look forward to seeing Phantom Pins become available soon.

While not flashy in appearance, these geckos have piqued the curiosity and captured the attention of hobbyists and collectors around the world...and that was before they saw the Tangerine one!


Shadow - Male



Coco - Female


Tangerine Phantom


Red Phantom


Phantom Hatchlings & Juvies






Phantom Pinstripes
As you can see, all of these geckos have the raised pinstripe scales, which is not something you normally see in a patternless gecko.  However, the majority also have the "phantom" white markings, which is how they got their name. 

Some of these geckos even exhibit some white on the raised scales, but without the flame/dorsal pattern.  In the future, I hope that selective breeding will allow me to produce a patternless gecko with a perfect white pinstripe and white lateral striping.




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