Black & Cream Pinstripe
There are very few, if any crested gecko projects that have achieved the level of refinement that this group displays.  This project has been so successful, that it has actually spawned multiple sub-projects over the past couple generations.

While a 100% full pinstripe pattern is certainly desirable, that's not as important as things like head/body structure, color quality and an attractive cream flame pattern running down the back.  Most of my pinstripes have a broken pattern and we produce plenty of full pinstripes with them, so I don't tend to worry so much about that.  The gecko pictured at right is living proof of how striking a partial pinstripe can be.

The basic idea here is a very dark gecko with a highly contrasting, thick cream flame (dorsal) pattern that melts right into the pinstriping. 

Of course, there are the lighter colored ones that are referred to as "lavenders".  Some of my black & creams have extremely clean gray color during the day and this gray sometimes even takes on a lavender hue.  This usually occurs when the gecko is fully relaxed (the opposite of fired up).

Over the past few years, I've expanded and then divided this project into subprojects, in order to isolate certain colors and traits that were popping up.




Lavender-Black & Cream Pinstripe
When not fired up, some specimens display an extremely pale grey color that actually looks lavender at times.  These are referred to as Lavender-Black & Cream Pinstripes.  While they were once difficult to produce with consistency, I've been fortunate to have finally put a group together whose offspring typically display this very sought after coloration.

These geckos can display extremely dark charcoal or even black base color at times, but they generally maintain a lighter overall coloration, which I suspect is simply due to a reduced amount of dark pigmentation.

As you'll also notice, the first group of females (PS3) have a nearly solid cream dorsal pattern, just like Stripes.


PS3 Female 1


PS3 Female 2


PS3 Female 3


ST1 Female 1


ST1 Female 2




Lavender-Black & Cream Pinstripe
This year, I've picked some of my favorite dark colored  pinstripes and paired them up with Neo. The objective with this group is to simply produce the outstanding pinstripes that this group has been known for.


Female 1


Female 2


Female 3

Female 4   Female 5    



Lavender x Tangerine Cream Pinstripe
In the summer of 2005, I decided that I would pair Stripes with my original 'Hyper Tangerine' Pinstripe female.  This pairing produced a number of Tangerine & Cream Pinstripes, which was the goal of that pairing.  However, they also produced a number of outrageous Lavender-Black & Cream Pinstripes that displayed a subtle orange hue within the cream dorsal pattern.  It didn't take long for me to realize that these incredible geckos were worthy of a new project of their own.

This group first went together in early 2007 and has consistently produced mind-blowing Lavender-Black & Cream Pinstripes that rival any I've ever seen.


TLAV Female 1


TLAV Female 2


TLAV Female 3


Photo Coming Soon


Photo Coming Soon




Black Pinstripe
This group is the one of the latest in the long history of my Black & Cream Pinstripe line.  As the name implies, the goal here is the darkest possible base color with the highly contrasting orange harlequin markings, topped off by a thick, creamy orange dorsal pattern.

This group was first introduced to one another in late 2007 and has already proven very consistent at producing offspring with exactly the color quality and features that I was aiming for.


BPIN Female 1


BPIN Female 2


BPIN Female 3





Solid Cream Pinstripe
This group is another new one here for the 2008 season.  The goal, of course, is to produce pinstripes with solid cream dorsal patterns, complimented by heavy lateral striping. The first offspring have started to hatch and just as expected, this appearance is being passed on with a high degree of consistency.  A very limited number of offspring will most likely be released as early as fall/winter 2008.


SCPS Female 1


SCPS Female 2


SCPS Female 3



SCPS Offspring (2008)





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