Dalmatian Project
Dalmatian spots are commonly seen in smaller size and number on a variety of crested geckos, including geckos from many of my other projects.  However, this group is focused solely on the Dalmatian trait.

The Look
There are essentially three things I'm striving for with this group.

Lack of Pattern
While a bold or intricate pattern is usually something we want to see, this project is about one trait and one trait only.

Red & Black Spots
This group tends to have a combination of red and black spots, with the former always being in fewer numbers.  And of course, the more spots and the bigger they are, the better.

Color Quality
Although this is where my well-known Red Dalmatians come from, this group produces some outstanding Dalmatians ranging from pale orange to a bright red and everything in between.  The original founding geckos of this line were buckskin to chocolate in color, so we still see the occasional buckskin/chocolate Dalmatian from time to time.

The main goal  here isn't necessarily to produce a certain color...red just happens to be the one I've had the best luck refining thus far.   I'm now working to integrate a vivid yellow-neon orange coloration into this project, which will eventually be called the Citrus Dalmatian project.

Unique Bloodline
This group is descended from a very small group of crested geckos imported from Germany in the late 1990's.  As such, these are unrelated to the majority of crested geckos in the United States.  In 2008, I've began breeding a yellow colored wild collected male Dalmatian into some of my nicest reds.  This will not only make it the most genetically diverse groups in the US, but should add a new dimension to the color as well.




Chips was produced here in 2005 and quickly became well known in the crested gecko world for both the number and size of his spots.  As a breeder, he has been an invaluable asset to this project, consistently producing top quality Dalmatians.








Typical Chips Offspring (2008)


Note the red Dalmatian spots.



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