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This is the break-out year I've been promising!
2008 marks a major milestone in the development of several lengthy and already hugely popular selective breeding projects.  Many of these projects have finally come to a point where the colors and patterns are being passed on with consistency unparalleled in the crested gecko world...and as you'll soon see, some of these projects have even been refined to a point where they've spawned entirely new sub-projects within their respective projects.

New Projects
2008 also marks the release of some promising new projects I've been developing over the past few years.  Some of these projects started as an experiment and quickly captured my attention, while others that have been years in the making have finally come to a point where I understand them and know which direction to go (it's never cut and dry when you first set out to create a new appearance).

What's in a name?
The names you see below are not necessarily 'morph' names that you'll see elsewhere, but simply names that I've given my particular bloodlines or projects, in order to make them easier to talk about in casual conversation. Almost all of my projects focus on combining multiple colors and pattern traits, so without the project names, I'd have to list four or five different "morphs" to accurately describe most of these geckos.  For example, saying 'I just got a new Marble' is much easier than 'I got an AC Reptiles line Orange Tiger Dalmatian Chevron Back'.

 Red Harlequin

 Black & Cream Pinstripe

 Hyper Tangerine NEW


 C2 Cream-on-Cream NEW

 C2 Cream Tiger Dalmatian NEW

 C2 Citrus Glow NEW

 Phantom Pinstripe NEW


 Marble Line

 Chocolate Fur - Harry & Co.

 Available Offspring

 Mocha & Cream NEW


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