The NEW place to be if you're into carpet pythons.  This new website is a joint effort between myself and Reptiles by Andrew Hare.  The idea started about four years ago to build an extensive carpet python resource website.  We decided to install forums several months ago and now that the resource website is nearing completion, we've decided to launch the forums and get things rolling.

If you're wondering about the guy in the banner...we couldn't find a good map of Papua New Guinea, so I found a picture of a native instead. :)  It started out as a joke...but we've been brainstorming on this website for four years now, so we couldn't fire the little guy after all this time. We're even starting to get requests for authentic Papua New Guinea menswear. Forums is a complete crested gecko resource/community website.

Breeding, Care, Morphs, Product Guide, Forums, Picture Hosting (Make your own gallery!) & More
Everything I could possibly think of to make it the best crested gecko site on the web.



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